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Jerome “J-Roc Tha Ghost” Harmon is the hit-making producer behind a diversity of artists, such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Chris Cornell, Chris Brown, Shakira and Ashlee Simpson, and a staggering number of other artists. J-Roc’s numerous Grammy and BMI awards demonstrate his status as an A-list producer, and hit maker, helping his artists sell over 11 million albums and 17 million singles in the United States.

There are five elements to understanding J-Roc’s hit-making success.He has produced authentic and commercially successful music for artists as diverse as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Chris Cornell, Chris Brown, Shakira and Ashlee Simpson. This is an element that many producers seek to attain and that J-Roc simply attributes to growing up in a household where all genres were played on the radio.

Beyoncé’s triple platinum single, “Drunk in Love” earned J-Roc his seventh Grammy-win serves as a testament to his skillset with R&B music. When country artist David Fanning paid tribute to, “Drink You Away” as originally recorded by Justin Timberlake we see how J-Roc’s music crosses genres. Months prior to working with Beyoncé – J-Roc helped Jay Z achieve his tenth Billboard Number One Album and a Grammy for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration for the double platinum single, “Holy Grail.”

( Justin Timberlake, J-Roc and Timbaland in the studio )

The second essential element to J-Roc’s unique hit-making success comes from his ability to collaborate with the simple goal of making good music. At a time when R&B and pop fans were seeking soulful records on the charts, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland and J-Roc decided to collaborate on two albums that would both be critically acclaimed while reaching millions around the world. The 20/20 Experience Part 1 and 2 have collectively sold eight million albums and won countless awards including Grammies, American Choice Awards and Billboard Awards.

Element three is simply J-Roc’s reliability as a musician and producer when asked to deliver what is required by his clients. When Dreamwork’s Real Steel director, Shawn Levy, sought out J-Roc and Timbaland for their unique sound – both producers demonstrated their ability to paint a musical picture to pivotal scenes in the box office smash.

The fourth element is J-Roc’s ability to remain humble and connected to everyday people in the midst of success. J-Roc used his Grammy acceptance speech for Best R&B Song, for Justin Timberlake’s “Pusher Love Girl,” to help future generations of artists;“Let’s support our school system and the arts programs because we are losing it… we need a lot more people accepting awards like this.” He was also awarded the State’s Flag for his work in music by The Texas House of Representatives. J-Roc demonstrated the consistency of his message by establishing five music scholarships in his name while receiving the Keys to the City of Crane, Texas.

The fifth element that J-Roc has consistently cultivated is his hit-making work ethic. From learning the business of music to touring live with artists – J-Roc has always approached music with fresh energy. By early 2004 he had earned is first Grammy-credit with Fred Hammond’s Free to Worship album. His attitude to making music was the same as when he landed four songs with Beyoncé’s in 2013, “We can’t stop now!”

( Jerome “J-Roc” Harmon accepting his Grammy award for Justin Timberlake’s, “Pusher Lover Girl” )

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